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Free Download Left To Survive: call of dead MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a first-person shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic future in which zombies have conquered the Earth and seized power. The battle for survival has started.

Left to Survive: call of dead Game Overview

In a world where the Earth is no longer humanity's domain and zombies have risen to control the planet, you must become the hero humanity desperately needs. It immerses you in a post-apocalyptic setting where you'll engage in thrilling action, collect resources, build a haven for survivors, and confront the undead menace.

Fight Back Against Hordes of Zombies

The world is teeming with zombies and nowhere to run or hide. As a hero in this zombie-apocalypse reality, your mission is to eliminate every last zombie in your path. Embark on the campaign, follow the gripping story, and free the Earth from the relentless undead hordes. It's time for humanity to rise from the ashes and reclaim the planet.

An Arsenal of Weapons and Gear

On your quest to save the world from the zombie scourge, you'll have access to various weapons and gear. From assault rifles and sniper rifles to machine guns and shotguns, choose the right weapon for the job and unleash devastation upon the zombies. Equip your hero with gear that enhances their skills and powers, and don't forget to upgrade and evolve your weapons and gear to make your heroes even more formidable.

Unite a Team of Heroes

Meet the diverse cast of heroes in this post-apocalyptic world. Once ordinary humans, they are now duty-bound to protect the world from zombies. Each hero possesses unique skills and abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Invest in their upgrades and watch their skills reach new heights. Furthermore, gather survivors to provide them with hope and a new home. These specialists can improve your base, making life easier for all.

Helicopter Raids and Base Assaults

Engage in daring helicopter raids on enemy bases. The zombie apocalypse has separated the strong from the weak, and only the fittest will survive. Raid other bases with your helicopter and collect valuable resources. Be prepared for fierce resistance, as your opponents' bases are fortified with towers and local troops. Stealing resources won't be a cakewalk, so upgrade your helicopter's weaponry for successful raids. It's a fight for survival.

PvP Matches and Team Play

Test your skills in thrilling PvP matches and prove yourself as the ultimate shooter among players. Challenge other survivors to gain valuable shooting experience and determine who the best marksman is. Engage in 2x2 matches or go solo in intense, action-packed battles. Team up with clanmates to take on other players as a formidable unit.

Build Your Stronghold

Survival requires a secure base where you and other survivors can thrive. Build your base from scratch and transform it into a sanctuary where everyone can find refuge and security. Produce essential resources, give your heroes unique abilities, upgrade weapons, and fortify your base against potential raids and looting.


Left To Survive: call of Dead is your ticket to an adrenaline-pumping zombie apocalypse adventure. With a wide range of weapons, diverse heroes, helicopter raids, intense PvP matches, and base-building mechanics, this game offers a comprehensive survival experience. Face the undead menace head-on and fight for the future of humanity.


Q: Can I play it solo or with friends?
A: It offers solo play and opportunities to team up with other players. You can also join or create clans to collaborate with friends and survivors.

Q: How challenging are the zombie encounters in it?
A: It can be challenging, especially as you progress through the game. Strategic thinking and combat skills are essential for survival.

Q: What are helicopter raids in the game?
A: Helicopter raids are missions where you raid enemy bases using your helicopter. These raids are vital for collecting resources but come with the challenge of facing well-defended opponent bases.

Q: Is there a story mode in it?
A: It features a campaign mode with an engaging story that unfolds as you progress through the game. You'll follow the narrative while battling zombies and other challenges.

Left to Survive - call of dead v6.4.3

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Left to Survive - call of dead v6.3.1

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System Requirements

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