Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon 2.11.3Free Download

Free Download Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is an idle game where you build your business empire from the ground up and compete to become the next Salon Tycoon.

Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon Free Download Overview

It is a captivating game that combines the elements of idle gaming and business management skills. In it, you play the role of a salon owner who aspires to create a beauty empire. Your journey begins with a small, humble parlor, and your goal is to transform it into a luxurious salon that attracts a steady stream of satisfied clients.

Start Small, Dream Big

You kickstart your salon empire from a small room, but don't be discouraged. You'll turn it into a thriving business with hard work and determination.

Upgrades Galore

As you progress, you can upgrade every aspect of your salon, from the interior decor to the services offered. Make wise choices to keep your clients happy.

Diverse Salon Departments

To cater to a broader clientele, open new salon departments, and offer various services, including haircuts, nail treatments, makeup, and more.

Efficient Management

Hire the best salon masters to ensure your services run efficiently. Managing your staff and salaries is crucial for success.

Marketing Magic

Take charge of marketing activities, such as organizing advertising campaigns and upgrading billboards. Expanding your salon's parking area is another way to keep customers happy and engaged.

Global Expansion

Grow your beauty empire by opening new salons in various locations, including Paris, Miami, New York, and even on the Moon. The more salons you have, the happier your clients will be.

Idle Earnings

Invest your earnings wisely to develop your idle business. The more you invest, the faster your empire will grow. It is perfect for those who love idle and management games. It offers an engaging experience that challenges you to make thoughtful decisions to maximize your profit and create the best salon empire in the world.

Running Your Salon Empire

Your journey in it begins with a small hairdresser's room. It's essential to understandgame's core mechanics game to make the most of your resources and create a thriving salon empire.

The Basics

Client Satisfaction: Your top priority is keeping your clients happy. Ensure your services are top-notch, and invest in salon upgrades to enhance the overall experience.

Hiring Staff

As your business grows, hire skilled salon masters for different departments. They will increase the number of clients served and help boost your earnings.

Management is Key

Managing your staff efficiently is crucial. Monitor salaries and consider hiring managers to lead your teams effectively.


Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon mod apk is a delightful blend of idle gaming and business management. It offers an exciting journey of turning a small parlor into a beauty empire that spans the globe. By providing excellent services, making strategic upgrades, and managing your staff effectively, you can rise to the top and become a beauty tycoon. So, why wait? Start your salon empire today and watch it grow into the best salon empire in the world!


Q: What is the goal of this game?
A: The game's goal is to start with a small salon and gradually transform it into a thriving beauty empire by providing top-notch services, managing staff efficiently, and expanding to new locations.

Q: How can I attract more clients to my salon?
A: To attract more clients, invest in marketing activities, and upgrade billboards. You can also expand your parking area to keep customers engaged.

Q: What salon departments can I open in the game?
A: You can open various salon departments, each offering different services such as haircuts, nail treatments, makeup, and more. Diversifying your services will attract a broader clientele.

Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon v2.11.3

  • 2024-07-10
  • 76.4 MB
  • 2.11.3

MOD APK (Instant Finished)

Idle Beauty Salon Tycoon v2.11.1

  • 2023-10-21
  • 75.6 MB
  • 2.11.1

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android


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