Heroes Infinity - Super Heroes 1.37.26Free Download


Free Download Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is the adventure journey of legendary heroes. Collect heroes and form squads for warriors to quickly advance to victory. The brutal battles will start with you.

Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes Game Overview

It is a stunning action RPG filled with heroics, adventure, and a diverse assortment of creatures and fiends; you're in for a treat. It is the perfect game for you. In this article, we'll dive into the world of Heroes Infinity and explore the epic journey it offers. Get ready to collect and build your team of heroes, embark on an adventure, and experience the thrill of strategic battles.


It is all about epic battles that unfold in real-time, featuring dynamic effects and a wide array of skill animations. As a player, you'll have the opportunity to unlock and combine many heroes to create a powerful team ready to take on any challenge.

Strategic Gameplay

To succeed in the War for Justice, you must power up, tier up, rank up, and gear up your heroes. This strategic aspect of the game adds depth and excitement to the gameplay. Summon your heroes wisely to ensure victory in the battles that lie ahead.

Adventure Mode

Gain experience and level up your heroes by defeating your enemies as you journey through different lands and cities.


Challenge your epic team by conquering levels of increasing difficulty and reap the rewards.

Star Gates

Collect pieces of all the heroes' shards to summon mystery heroes and expand your roster.

Training Field

Develop your skills with heroes in battle and become a formidable force on the battlefield.

Boss Party

Engage in epic battles with legendary bosses to earn unique rewards.

Guilds & Communication

Form a Guild with other players, fight together, and earn legendary rewards. Work together to make your Guild the most powerful in the world. Its sense of community and collaboration sets it apart from other mobile RPGs.


Heroes Infinity: Super Heroes is a must-play for anyone who enjoys action-packed RPGs on their Android devices. The game's stunning graphics, diverse heroes, and various modes ensure you'll never get bored. The combination of strategic gameplay and the thrill of epic battles keeps you coming back for more. So, if you're ready to assemble your team of heroes and take on the world, It is the game for you. Download it now, and let the adventure begin.


Q: How can I unlock new heroes in it?
A: You can unlock new heroes by progressing through the game, earning rewards, and collecting hero shards. 

Q: Can I play it offline?
A: You can enjoy some aspects of the game offline, but certain features, such as PvP battles, may require an internet connection.

Q: Are there regular updates and new content in the game?
A: The developers frequently release updates that include new heroes, game modes, and events to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Heroes Infinity - Super Heroes v1.37.26

  • 2024-02-01
  • 384 MB
  • 1.37.26

MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Diamond)

Heroes Infinity - Super Heroes v1.37.14

  • 2023-10-13
  • 358 MB
  • 1.37.14

MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Diamond)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 7.1+
  • Platform:Android