Hard Truck Driver Simulator 3D 3.5.1


Free Download Hard Truck Driver Simulator 3D MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Work your way up from being the operator of a rusty truck to the CEO of a successful business.

Hard Truck Driver Simulator 3D Game Overview

In it, you step into the shoes of a truck driver, embarking on a journey that takes you from the modest driver of a small, aged truck to the proud owner of a thriving trucking company. The game provides an expansive, open world where you can choose and transport a wide range of cargo. However, every decision you make, from the legality of your deliveries to the routes you take, has consequences that affect your reputation as a freight carrier.

Adventure Gameplay

As you immerse yourself in this trucking adventure, you'll encounter various elements that add depth to the gameplay. You'll have the chance to relax in motels and roadside diners, refuel your truck at gas stations, and navigate the open road while adhering to traffic regulations to avoid fines. The cargo you transport varies, from simple boxes to specialized equipment, allowing you to earn money and progress in the game. You can purchase new trucks and trailers, hire additional drivers, manage your fleet, and work your way up to becoming a master of cargo transportation.

Upgrade Your Truck

As you build your trucking empire, you must not overlook the need to upgrade your truck. The game takes you through a diverse range of settings, including country roads, city streets, highways, and complex road junctions, providing a unique and realistic driving experience that truly immerses you in the world of trucking. You'll get behind the wheel of some of the most renowned trucks globally, navigating challenging routes that will put your driving skills to the test.

Diverse Truck Selection

Choose from more than ten meticulously detailed trucks, each equipped with realistic interiors, ranging from small to popular long-haul trucks.

Reputation System

Your reputation as a freight carrier plays a significant role in the game. Your choices affect how bandits and the police interact with you and may even impact the safety of your cargo.

Driver Well-being

Take care of your driver's well-being by managing factors like hunger and sleep, which can significantly influence your gameplay experience.

Realistic Cargo Behavior

The game features an advanced system for simulating how cargo behaves on board your truck, adding to the realism of your transport operations.

Diverse Cargo

Transport more than ten types of cargo, ranging from fragile items to specialized equipment, ensuring that each trip is a unique experience.

Expansive Open World

Explore a vast open world with various cities and villages, each with its character and challenges.

Truck Customization

Enhance your truck with various gadgets, from additional gas tanks to improved engines, tailoring your ride to your preferences.

Wide Range of Trailers

Choose from many trailers and semi-trailers, including onboard and specialized options. Experience the life of a trucker like never before and explore the exciting features and gameplay that this game has to offer.


Hard Truck Driver Simulator 3D is an engaging and immersive experience for anyone interested in trucking. With a wide range of trucks, cargo types, and an expansive open world to explore, this game offers a realistic and thrilling adventure that will challenge your driving skills and strategic decision-making. As you work your way up from a small-time driver to a trucking magnate, you'll face the consequences of your choices, making this game an engaging and dynamic experience. So, buckle up and hit the road in this captivating trucking simulation game.


Q: Can I play it without an internet connection?
A: You can play it offline. The game provides an immersive experience without an internet connection, allowing you to enjoy trucking adventures wherever you go.

Q: What makes it unique from other trucking games?
A: It sets itself apart with its detailed truck selection, realistic cargo behavior, and the ability to build your trucking empire. The game's open world and reputation system also contribute to its unique and engaging gameplay.

Q: Can I customize my truck in it?
A: The game offers truck customization options. You can enhance your truck with various gadgets, such as additional gas tanks and improved engines, to tailor it to your preferences and optimize your gameplay experience.

Hard Truck Driver Simulator 3D v3.5.1

  • 2023-10-18
  • 207 MB
  • 3.5.1

MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 7.0+
  • Platform:Android


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