Gladihoppers - Gladiator Fight 3.0.4Free Download

Free Download Gladihoppers - Gladiator Fight MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a wacky 2D physics gladiator battle simulator where the mix of 2D physics and regular 2D animation offers fun and original gameplay, unlike your average gladiator mobile game. 

Gladihoppers - Gladiator Fight Game Overview

This 2D physics-based gladiator battle simulator combines the charm of 2D animation with the complexity of 2D physics, creating a gameplay experience unlike any other mobile gladiator game. One of the standout features of this game is its combat system, which introduces two distinct battle stances for your gladiator. These stances come with their directional attacks, each varying power and speed. This diversity adds dynamism and excitement to the battles, making each confrontation a thrilling experience.

Customize Your Gladiator

In addition to close combat with melee weapons, It offers the opportunity to throw spears and customize your gladiator with over 90 unique items. These items include swords, axes, maces, shields, helmets, armor, pants, gloves, and shoes. Your gladiator's appearance and fighting style are entirely in your hands.

2D and 3D Gameplay

It seamlessly merges retro pixel art 2D sprites with 3D low-poly environments, resulting in a visually stunning and immersive gladiatorial experience. This combination of art styles creates a game world that feels both nostalgic and fresh, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of ancient gladiators fully.

Dynamic Combat

Enjoy the melee and ranged combat system, complete with hitboxes for each body part, making battles more engaging and tactical.

Career Mode

Take your gladiator on a journey to glory through a career mode with various tactics and strategies.

Spartacus War

In this strategy mode, you can lead factions armies and conquer towns like the legendary Spartacus.

Save the Emperor Arcade Mode

Experience endless fighting in this arcade mode, offering intense and relentless combat.

Quick Fight Mode

Engage in custom or randomized fast-paced arena duels in this mode. You can even challenge friends with split-screen multiplayer on the same device.

Equipment Galore

Customize your gladiator with over 100 pieces of equipment, including various weapons and armor. You can choose from 16 different character faces representing four populations during the era of the ancient Roman Empire: Romans, Gauls, Nubians, and Egyptians.

Diverse Arenas

Fight in seven arenas, each with its unique look and feel. Whether it's the grand Colosseum or the exotic Aegyptus, you'll find a variety of captivating battlegrounds.


Gladihoppers stands out as a unique and entertaining gladiator battle simulator. Its combination of 2D physics and animation creates a dynamic and engaging combat system, and the option to customize your gladiator's appearance and fighting style adds a personal touch to the experience. The inclusion of online multiplayer and various game modes, such as Career Mode and the strategic Spartacus War mode, ensures that there's always something exciting to do. The quick fight mode with split-screen multiplayer is perfect for challenging your friends on the same device.


Q: Can I play it offline, or is an internet connection required?
A: You can enjoy it in offline game modes, such as Career Mode and Quick Fight. However, an internet connection is required for online multiplayer matches.

Q: What is the age rating for it?
A: It is rated for players aged ten and older. It may contain mild violence and some in-game items

Q: Is it easy to play?
A: The controls of this game are very simple and easy to use.

Gladihoppers - Gladiator Fight v3.0.4

  • 2023-10-12
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  • 3.0.4

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Gladihoppers - Gladiator Fight v3.0.3

  • 2023-10-08
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  • 3.0.3

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android