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Free Download Football Chairman Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. Create a football club from scratch, starting as a tiny non-league team, and see if you can make it through seven divisions to the top.

Football Chairman Pro Game Overview

Football Chairman Pro empowers you to steer your football club to success. Start with a small, obscure team and navigate your way up the ranks, experiencing triumphs in play-offs and cup competitions and eventually conquering the European stage. As the chairman, you'll have the power to hire and fire managers, develop your stadium, and negotiate transfers, contracts, and sponsorship deals, all while balancing fans' happiness and financial stability.

Creating Your Football Empire

Building from Scratch

Begin your journey with a fledgling team, strategize through seven divisions, and work to the top.
Strategic Management: Hire and fire managers, develop your stadium, and oversee transfer negotiations, contracts, and sponsorships. Juggling these responsibilities will be key to your success.

European Glory

Experience the thrill of your players winning play-offs, domestic, and European cup competitions, establishing your team's reputation on a global stage.
Endless Features: The Pro version boasts new features like taking over other clubs, participating in domestic and European cup competitions, and creating your data packs using the online data editor.

Personal Touch

Players in the game have distinct personalities, playing styles, and levels of happiness and fitness, contributing to the game's authenticity.
Challenge Scenarios: Test your skills with new scenarios and aim for 50 achievements, including 15 new ones.

Crafting Your Legacy

Manage merchandise sales, pitch conditions, and backroom staff while signing superstar players to elevate your club's reputation. The game also allows you to choose local rivals for your club, enhancing the competitive aspect. The youth squad feature lets you watch young talents develop and possibly make it to the first team. Managers have their formations and playing styles, making every match tactically engaging.

Awards and Recognitions

Football Chairman Pro and its predecessors have garnered immense popularity, with over three million downloads since launch. The game's excellence has been recognized through multiple app store awards, including the prestigious Apple Editor's "Best of" awards and Google Play's accolades.


Football Chairman Pro presents an exciting opportunity for fans to enjoy themselves in club management. With its addictive gameplay, strategic challenges, and the chance to lead your team from obscurity to greatness, this game captures the essence of football entrepreneurship. Step into the shoes of a chairman, shape your team's destiny, and conquer the football universe.


Q: Can I take control of other clubs in the game?
A: It allows you to become the chairman of your favorite team or even take over other clubs.

Q: Are there international competitions in the game?
A: You can participate in domestic and European cup competitions.

Q: Can I create my teams in the game?
A: You can use the free online data editor to create your teams and data packs.

Q: Are player personalities and styles reflected in the gameplay?
A: Yes, players in the game have distinct personalities, playing styles, and levels of happiness and fitness, affecting their performance.

Q: Is there a youth development feature in the game?
A: You can manage a full youth squad and witness young players growing and potentially joining the first team.

Football Chairman Pro v1.8.2

  • 2023-08-13
  • 14.3 MB
  • 1.8.2

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  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android

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