FINAL FANTASY BE: WOTV 8.1.0Free Download

Free Download FINAL FANTASY BE: WOTV MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is back with a brand-new real-time strategy role-playing game for players worldwide.


This thrilling battle game takes you on a journey to various kingdoms and introduces you to their brave heroes on the continent of Ardra. Brace yourself for thrilling battles that were previously unknown in the FFBE universe. Get ready to meet classic FINAL FANTASY characters, which will add a nostalgic feel to the game.


FINAL FANTASY BE: WOTV offers a rich gaming experience with various gameplay elements. In it, you can be achieved through Story Quests, World Quests, Event Quests, and more. You can even compete with other players to conquer Multiplayer Quests or compete in thrilling online Duels.

Battle System

The game boasts a pinnacle of tactical battles set in 3D terrains with varying elevations. To secure victory, you must employ unique strategies for each battle. If you're new to tactical RPGs, don't worry—auto-battle and increased speed settings are available to make your gaming experience smoother. Like in previous FINAL FANTASY titles, characters can turn the tide of battle with Limit Bursts. These special moves feature impressive animations and powerful attacks that can be the key to victory. Additionally, beloved Espers from the FINAL FANTASY series make appearances in stunning CG animations, providing crucial support to players.

Job System & Elements

Unlock new jobs for your units through the Job System. Each unit also possesses an Element that can be strategically used against enemies to deal greater damage. Mastering the Job System and Elements can gain a significant advantage in battles.


Besides the main Story Quests, where you can delve into the game's central narrative, FINAL FANTASY BE: WOTV offers over 200 unique quests within World Quests and Event Quests. Completing these quests rewards you with various materials that can be used to strengthen your characters and equipment.

Voice Acting

For those who appreciate immersive storytelling, you'll be delighted to know that Story Quests are fully voiced in both Japanese and English. Choose your preferred language and enjoy the captivating War of the Visions tale.


Fans of the FFBE series will find comfort in the familiar soundtracks of War of the Visions. The game's background music is composed by Elements Garden (Noriyasu Agematsu), offering a harmonious experience that perfectly complements the game's epic world.


The narrative of FINAL FANTASY BE: WOTV unfolds in the kingdom of Leonis, a small but resilient nation surrounded by powerful neighboring kingdoms. The kingdom's strength lies in a mysterious ring bestowed upon its king by the enigmatic "Winged One." With the power of Visions—manifestations of the hopes and dreams of legendary warriors—Leonis has managed to fend off the advances of its formidable rivals.


FINAL FANTASY BE: WOTV is a mesmerizing addition to the FINAL FANTASY universe. With its engaging gameplay, rich storytelling, and nostalgic character appearances, it offers an immersive experience for both long-time fans of the series and newcomers alike. Dive into the world of Ardra, master the intricate battle system, and discover the secrets that await you in this epic adventure.


Q: Are there any multiplayer features in the game?
A: It offers multiplayer features. You can cooperate with other players in Multiplayer Quests or engage in competitive online Duels for exciting battles.

Q: How often are new quests and events added to the game?
A: The game regularly updates with new quests and events, providing players fresh content to explore. Keep an eye on the official announcements to stay updated on upcoming additions.

Q: Is there a storyline in it, or is it solely focused on battles?
A: The game features an engaging storyline with various quests and events that unfold as you progress. It's not solely focused on battles; the narrative adds depth to the gaming experience.


  • 2023-10-18
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  • 8.1.0

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  • 8.0.0

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.0+
  • Platform:Android