Family Farm Adventure 1.42.101Free Download

Free Download Family Farm Adventure MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This captivating Android game allows you to immerse yourself in agriculture, cultivate various crops, embark on thrilling explorations, solve puzzles, and create a prosperous farm town. Join Felicia and Toby on their enchanting journey filled with new friends, exciting challenges, and intriguing mysteries.

Family Farm Adventure Game Overview

It is a delightful farming simulator game that combines the joy of agriculture with the thrill of exploration. As you delve into the captivating story, you'll encounter a perfect blend of surprises, romance, and friendship. Your journey will lead you through mysterious tropical islands, guided by the intrepid photographer Felicia and the brilliant archaeologist Toby. Together, you'll solve intricate puzzles, collect treasures, and uncover ancient artifacts that are key to your farm's success.

Story Immersion

Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted storyline that unfolds as you progress. Solve puzzles to unveil new chapters of the narrative and discover the secrets of the farm town.

Exciting Explorations

Venture beyond your farm and explore enchanting tropical islands alongside Felicia and Toby. Unearth treasures, solve puzzles and bring newfound riches back to your farm.

Enchanting Decorations

Unleash your creativity by decorating your flower farm with restored houses, centerpieces, and decorations. Prepare for the vibrant Festival of Flowers and celebrate it with fellow farmers.

Thriving Farming

Transform your tropical island into a thriving farm paradise. Cultivate crops, raise farm animals, and showcase your culinary skills by producing delicious food.

Challenging Adventures

Conquer challenging puzzles during your island travels. Tend to your farm animals and crops when you're not solving mysteries.

Lively Characters

Interact with friendly villagers and quirky wild animals. Invite them to visit your farm and join you in culinary endeavors.

Hidden Treasures

Unearth hidden treasures and rare artifacts through creative puzzle-solving. Trade these discoveries for bonuses that enhance your farm and unlock unexpected rewards.


Family Farm Adventure offers an extraordinary blend of farming simulation and thrilling exploration. Rebuild Granny's earthquake-affected farm, exhibit your farming prowess, and revive the once-thriving land. With its captivating storyline, intriguing puzzles, and vibrant characters, this isn't just a farming game—it's a full-fledged farm life simulator.


Q: Is it a free game?
A: The game is free to play and will remain so. In-game purchases are available but not mandatory for gameplay.

Q: Can I explore different islands in the game?
A: The game allows you to explore various mysterious tropical islands, each with its puzzles and treasures.

Q: How do I restore my farm's decorations?
A: You can restore and decorate your flower farm by completing puzzles, collecting treasures, and preparing for the Festival of Flowers.

Q: Are there unique characters with whom to interact?
A: You'll meet friendly villagers and quirky wild animals that can visit your farm and engage in cooking activities.

Q: What is the main objective of the game?
A: The game's primary goal is to rebuild Granny's farm, cultivate crops, raise animals, and solve puzzles to uncover the farm's mysteries.

Q: Can I play offline?
A: You can enjoy online and offline games, allowing you to continue farming and exploration without an internet connection.

Family Farm Adventure v1.42.101

  • 2024-03-21
  • 1.0 GB
  • 1.42.101

MOD APK (Miracle physics)

Family Farm Adventure v1.31.101

  • 2023-10-19
  • 1.01 GB
  • 1.31.101

MOD APK (Miracle physics)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.0+
  • Platform:Android