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Free Download Evolution 2: Shooting Games MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. The long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular and well-known sci-fi online games is now available! It offers you a narrative about Utopia's world from a different perspective.

Evolution 2: Shooting Game Overview

The gameplay has evolved significantly, offering an intense blend of third-person shooter, action, strategy, and RPG games. Step into the battleground of planet Utopia, once a billionaire resort now transformed into a nightmarish landscape besieged by ruthless marauders, monsters, and battle robots. It has transformed into an intense mix of third-person shooter, action, strategy, and RPG.

Unique Sci-Fi Setting

Immerse yourself in a space post-apocalyptic biopunk run-and-gun game set on a distant planet. Its unique sci-fi atmosphere provides players with an unparalleled gaming experience.

Tactical Gameplay

Upgrade your character and their companion, strategically choose the most efficient weapons, and exploit your enemies' weaknesses. It challenges players to think tactically, creating a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

Engaging PvE Campaign

In it, you will have different missions to complete and face off against bosses. as your enemies become more robust with each battle. The PvE campaign offers an engaging storyline that immerses players in the evolving narrative.

Online Shooter Battles

Take the fight to a global scale with full online games. Compete for top positions in the rating and reap unique bonuses for winning multiplayer shooter battles. It promises an adrenaline-pumping online gaming experience.

Use Up-to-Date Weapons and Skills

Equip and upgrade weapons to conquer challenging missions. After each battle, they face evolved enemies that demand potent weapons. The game combines gameplay that requires intelligence, flexibility, and strategic thinking. Upgrade your characters to enhance your chances of victory in this dynamic and evolving gaming environment.

Battle Like a Real Winner

Your mission is to guide the main character to victory. Take control of the authority, commanding them to fight using skills acquired during the destruction of enemies. Create visually stunning matches that provide players with a sense of accomplishment. Utilize energy to unleash powerful attacks and explore a variety of modern, advanced weapons that can be upgraded for even more potency.


Evolution 2: Shooting Games delivers an immersive and action-packed gaming experience, combining elements of strategy, RPG, and third-person shooter genres. The unique sci-fi setting, tactical gameplay, engaging PvE campaign, and thrilling online shooter battles make it a standout title in the gaming world. Dive into the evolving universe of Utopia and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that challenges your skills and strategic thinking.


Q: Is it for offline play?
A: It offers both offline and online gameplay options, providing flexibility for players.

Q: How can I upgrade weapons in it?
A: To upgrade weapons, you can find and collect upgrades throughout the game or purchase them using in-game resources.

Q: Can I play it on my tablet?
A: It is compatible with both Android phones and tablets.

Q: How does the online shooter battles system work in it?
A: Engage in full online games, compete for top positions in the rating, and earn unique bonuses for victories in multiplayer shooter battles.

Evolution 2 - Shooting games v0.2715.89827

  • 2024-01-18
  • 605 MB
  • 0.2715.89827

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  • OS:Android 5.0+
  • Platform:Android

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