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Free Download Episode - Choose Your Story MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It lets you LIVE love, passion, adventure, and drama tales. Imagine becoming a character in your favorite novel.

Episode - Choose Your Story Game Overview

It is a colossal collection of interactive stories that empowers you to become the master of your destiny. With billions of reads and a library featuring over 150,000 stories, this game offers a vast and diverse selection of narratives to explore. Whether you're into love, adventure, mystery, or drama, you'll find a story that resonates with your interests.

Create Your Avatar and Personalize Your Look

The adventure begins by customizing your avatar and designing your outfit. Make your character uniquely yours and reflect your style through various clothing options. Your avatar will represent you as you navigate the stories and make crucial choices.

Forge Relationships with Fascinating Characters

It allows you to develop relationships with a host of captivating characters. Your interactions and choices will determine the course of these relationships and impact the story's outcome.

Make Choices That Shape Your Destiny

One of the defining features of this game. It is the power to change fate through your choices. The possibilities are endless.

Explore Multiple Endings

It offers multiple endings, adding to the replay value and allowing you to explore different narrative paths. Your choices may lead to love, success, heartbreak, or adventure. It's all up to you.

Immersive Diverse Worlds

Immerse yourself in thousands of diverse worlds where the options are limitless. From high school dramas to fantasy adventures, there's something for every storytelling enthusiast. With such a wide array of genres, you'll never run out of new stories to discover.

Join Book Clubs and Reading Challenges

Become a part of a Book Club, where you can engage with fellow readers and embark on reading challenges. Reading challenges with your book club members is a great way to earn rewards and enhance your Episode experience.

Write and Publish Your Own Stories

Beyond reading, you can also become a creator on Episode's platform. Write and publish your interactive stories, and watch as they amass millions of reads. Join the ranks of Episode authors and share your storytelling talent with the world.


It offers a unique and engaging storytelling experience that empowers players to participate actively in their favorite narratives. With its vast library of stories spanning various genres, the freedom to make impactful choices, and the opportunity to create and share your tales, It is more than just a game; it's a platform for creativity and imagination. The ability to customize your avatar, forge relationships with intriguing characters, and explore multiple story endings adds depth and replayability to the experience.


Q: Are there new stories added regularly?
A: It introduces new stories weekly, providing fresh content and keeping the platform exciting for readers.

Q: Is there a way to interact with other players on it?
A: You can connect with other players, join Book Clubs, and participate in reading challenges. It's a social platform where you can share your love for storytelling with like-minded individuals.

Q: Is it suitable for all age groups?
A: It is designed for a general audience but may contain more suitable content for teenagers and adults. Parents may want to supervise younger players to ensure age-appropriate content.

Q: How do I customize my avatar in it?
A: To customize your avatar, you can access the game's character creation feature. You can choose your character's appearance, hairstyle, clothing, and other personalization options.

Episode - Choose Your Story v25.10

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