Endless Quest 2 Idle RPG 1.0.90Free Download


Free Download Endless Quest 2 Idle RPG MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is an action-packed idle game with dramatic and beautiful fights. Your mission is to defeat opponents and collect items.

Endless Quest 2 Game Overview

It is an extraordinary gaming experience that blends fantasy, magic, and nonstop adventure. This fantasy 3D idle RPG promises to take you on a journey filled with heroes, epic gear, dungeons, and endless quests. It is designed to provide you with a unique and immersive gaming experience. Imagine being able to command your heroes and unleash them into epic battles while enjoying the game easily. This section delves deeper into the Endless Quest 2 world and explores its captivating features and gameplay.

Idle Clicker System

It is designed to be easy to play, allowing you to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere. Set your nonstop hero wars in motion even when you're away, and watch as your heroes battle on your behalf. With just a few minutes of gameplay daily, you can grow your characters, obtain epic gear, and collect legendary pets. Take charge of your heroes in real time or let them roam freely in idle mode while you focus on other tasks. The choice is yours.

Background Story

It is set in a world of magic and adventure, where a young boy from Maple Town dreams of becoming the greatest knight,t and a girl named Lilina possesses magical powers. These childhood friends team up to take on quests and face challenges together. However, their peaceful world is shattered when Ragnarok approaches and death knights rise. The arena is set for epic fantasy battles, and it's up to you to guide these heroes through their adventures and be the legends they were destined to be.

Fun Pet System

Pets are crucial in your journey through it. Train and evolve your pets to strengthen your team. Set strategic lineups and form a powerful league as you explore the world of fantasy and adventure. Become the top pet trainer of legends and build a formidable team of heroes and pets.

Strategy Dungeon Battles

Prepare to face powerful monsters, including the formidable Slime King, angels, and Titans, and delve deep into dragon nests to undertake quests of epic proportions. The challenges are vast, and we are waiting for a hero like you to conquer them. Sharpen your skills, assemble your team, and embark on these thrilling dungeon battles.

Fantasy Equipment Set

Equip your heroes with various equipment sets, and remember that the best set isn't always fixed. Collect the equipment that suits your strategy best and manage your heroes' skill sets to ensure victory. In Endless Quest 2, your choices matter; your strategic thinking will make you a top-afterk idle hero.

Rich Gameplay

It offers many gameplay options to entertain you for hours. Engage in an endless, nonstop adventure, participate in the idle RPG campaign, wage hero wars, raid dungeons, take on monster hunter quests, ascend the Sky Tower, and challenge the Devil Realm. The rich and diverse gameplay ensures that you'll never run out of things to do in this magical world.

Online/Offline Modes

Whether you have an internet connection or not, Endless Quest 2 has you covered. The game supports online and offline modes, allowing you to enjoy various content without an internet connection. Some content may require internet support, but you'll always have options to keep playing.


Endless Quest 2 Idle RPG is a mobile game combining the thrill of adventure, fantasy magic, and strategic gameplay satisfaction. With its idle clicker system, captivating background story, fun pet system, and a wide range of gameplay options, it's no wonder that players worldwide are getting hooked on this epic adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Join the ranks of heroes and embark on your own game.


Q: Do I need an internet connection to play it?
A: It supports online and offline game modes. While some content may require an internet connection, you can enjoy many aspects of the game without being connected.

Q: How often do I receive daily login rewards in it?
A: You can receive daily login rewards in this game every day. Log in to the game to claim rewards and enhance your gaming experience.

Q: Can I play it without spending money?
A: It offers a free-to-play experience, allowing you to enjoy the game without spending money.

Q: Is there a multiplayer mode in it?
A: In primarily focuses on single-player gameplay. While you can form strong leagues and explore fantasy adventures, the game does not feature traditional multiplayer modes.

Q: How do I evolve and train my pets in it?
A: To evolve and train your pets, navigate to the pet system in the game. There, you can access options to enhance and evolve your pets, making them more powerful allies in your quest.

Endless Quest 2 Idle RPG v1.0.90

  • 2023-10-09
  • 101 MB
  • 1.0.90

MOD APK (Money, No Skill CD, Damage)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 6.0+
  • Platform:Android