DesignVille: Merge & Story 1.133.1Free Download

Free Download DesignVille: Merge & Story MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This app is a tactical puzzle game designed to transform you into a business manager with different and fascinating work sequences.

DesignVille: Merge & Story Free Download Overview

This unique and visually stunning mobile game combines interior design elements, puzzle gameplay, and an engaging storyline. It offers a fresh and exciting take on home renovation and design, making it a must-play for creative minds and design enthusiasts.

Craft, Merge, and Combine

The gameplay revolves around merging and combining tiles to craft better tools and rare, unique items. It's a fun and easy-to-learn puzzle experience that will entertain you for hours. As you match and merge tiles, you'll unlock new combinations and tools that will aid you in your design projects.

Clean Up and Redesign

One of the satisfying aspects of this app is the ability to clean up the game board and rearrange tiles. This provides a relaxing and stress-relieving experience and allows you to redesign and transform rooms and spaces according to your creative vision. The power to create and recreate is in your hands.

Level Up and Unlock Rewards

As you progress through the game, you'll have the opportunity to level up and earn generous rewards. These rewards can unlock new combinations, tools, and customization options. It's a journey of growth and discovery as you become a master designer.

No-Rules Design Freedom

One of the standout features of this app is its no-rules design freedom. You have the creative license to arrange your rooms, decorate gardens, renovate mansions, and bring your design dreams to life without constraints. It's a world where your imagination is the only limit.

Endless Furniture and Decorations

It offers various furniture and decorations in multiple styles, ensuring you have the resources to create the design of your dreams. Whether you prefer classic elegance, modern chic, or eclectic charm, you'll find the perfect pieces to bring your vision to life.

Engaging Storyline and Cool Characters

Beyond the design aspect, This app presents an engaging storyline where you complete design orders, seek out new clients, meet fabulous characters, and manage your design studio business. It adds depth and purpose to your design endeavors, making the game an immersive experience.


DesignVille Merge & Story mod apk game is a creative outlet where your design fantasies come to life. Its stunning graphics, satisfying merge puzzle gameplay, and limitless design possibilities offer relaxation and inspiration whether you're an interior design enthusiast or enjoy unleashing your creativity.

So, jump into it, take on design projects, meet interesting characters, and transform spaces into works of art. Your journey as a design lover begins here.


Q: What is the primary gameplay in it?
A: Its primary gameplay revolves around merge puzzle mechanics. You'll match, merge, and combine tiles to craft tools and unique items. Additionally, you'll be free to design and decorate various spaces as you progress.

Q: Can I customize my designs in the game?
A: It offers a high degree of customization. You can arrange rooms, decorate gardens, renovate mansions, and create designs according to your preferences and imagination.

Q: Are there different design styles and themes available in the game?
A: This game provides various furniture and decorations in multiple styles. Whether you prefer classic, modern, or eclectic designs, you'll find plenty of options to express your creativity.

Q: Does the game have an engaging storyline?
A: It features an engaging storyline in which you complete design orders, interact with fantastic characters, and manage your design studio business. This adds depth to the game and gives purpose to your design projects.

Q: How can I contact customer support or report issues in the game?
A: If you encounter any issues or have feedback, contact the in-game Customer Service Center. The game's support team can assist you with any concerns or questions.

DesignVille - Merge & Story v1.133.1

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System Requirements

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