Days After: Survival game 11.3.1Free Download

Free Download Days After Survival Game MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It takes players to a shooting action-based battle for survival when faced with the most brutal consequences.

Days After: Survival Free Download Overview

It's an immersive survival experience that places you at the epicenter of a world on the brink of collapse. As one of the last survivors of a devastating pandemic that has transformed civilization into a wasteland, your mission is clear: stay alive, adapt to the new reality, and confront the nightmarish creatures that now roam the earth.

Choose Your Hero, Maximize Their Potential

Begin your journey by selecting your hero and developing their skills to their fullest potential. Your character's growth is essential to survival in a world of threats.

Survive in a Fading City

The remnants of civilization lie in ruins, and resources are scarce. You must scavenge for essential supplies, find sustenance, and endure the relentless passage of time. Each day brings new challenges and dangers.

Build Your Shelter and Craft Weapons

To safeguard yourself from infection and the relentless onslaught of zombies, construct your shelter—an infection-free zone. Craft weapons and armor to defend yourself against the horrors that await. A wide array of weapons, from baseball bats to chainsaws, and ample ammunition are available.

Confront Numerous Threats

The post-apocalyptic world is fraught with peril. Battle wild animals, ruthless bandits, and hordes of the walking dead. Every decision you make could be a matter of life or death.

Forge Alliances and Acquire Companions

Surviving alone is nearly impossible. To bolster your chances of survival, seek out fellow survivors and form alliances. Additionally, raise a loyal pet that can provide companionship and protection.

Explore the Post-Apocalyptic World

Venture into a world that the zombie apocalypse has forever altered. Discover a variety of environments, from abandoned cities to wastelands, forests, radioactive zones, and more. Uncover the clues that shed light on the origins of the infection.

Open World Zombie Game

Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic open world with PvE survival gameplay.

Diverse Locations

Explore dozens of different locations within a massive, post-apocalyptic landscape.

Zombie Hunting

Engage in thrilling zombie hunting and face terrifying bosses reminiscent of the best survival shooting games.

Online Mode

Connect with other players in online mode, communicate via chat, and exchange valuable items.

Character Skill System

Enhance your character's skills to adapt to the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world.


Days After: Survival Game offers an adrenaline-pumping adventure into the heart of a zombie-infested apocalypse. In a world where humanity's days are numbered, your survival instincts are your most valuable asset. This action-packed game seamlessly blends survival, exploration, crafting, and combat to deliver an experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As one of the last survivors in a world overrun by the infected, your journey is one of grit and determination. From choosing your hero to forging alliances and battling relentless adversaries, your choices shape your destiny in this unforgiving post-apocalyptic landscape.


Q: Is the game primarily a single-player experience, or can I interact with other players?
A: While the game offers a single-player mode, it also features an online mode where players can interact with other players, chat, and exchange items.

Q: Is the game story-driven or more focused on survival and exploration?
A: It combines elements of both. While survival and exploration are central, a narrative unfolds as you complete quests and uncover the story behind the infection.

Q: Can I play the game offline, or does it require an internet connection?
A: An internet connection is required to play.

Days After - Survival games v11.3.1

  • 2024-05-09
  • 379 MB
  • 11.3.1

MOD APK (Free Craft, Immortality, Dumb Enemy, Fast Travel)

Days After - Survival games v11.2.0

  • 2024-03-13
  • 1.0 GB
  • 11.2.0

Days After - Survival games v11.1.0

  • 2024-01-31
  • 931 MB
  • 11.1.0

MOD APK (Free Craft, Immortality, Dumb Enemy, Fast Travel)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android