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Free Download Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG bMOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This role-playing game card adventure tests your deck-building abilities.

Doncaster: Deckbuilding RPG Game Overview

In this game, you'll enter the dark fantasy universe of the Shattered Realms, a world plagued by evil. Your role is that of a cunning rogue, a fierce warrior, or a mysterious Seeker wielding arcane magic. But what makes this game unique is the ability to create your class and play as the character you envision. Your journey begins by building your deck, choosing from a vast array of over 300 cards, and venturing into the corrupted lands of Umbris.

Strategically Challenging Gameplay

Every step of your adventure in Dawncaster offers strategic challenges that will put your deck-building skills to the test. The game presents you with puzzle-like card battles, requiring you to make tactical choices that improve your deck-building strategy. As you progress, collecting cards that align with your playstyle becomes crucial, and you'll need to avoid disastrous events while honing your strategy to combat the ever-encroaching forces of evil.

RPG Take on Card Games

While Dawncaster incorporates elements familiar to deck-building card game players, it takes the experience further by infusing role-playing game (RPG) mechanics into the mix. This includes integrating RPG class mechanics into deck building, weapons, and enchantments and introducing a unique energy system. These additions elevate the gameplay and offer a fresh take on the card game genre, making Dawncaster stand out.

Venture into Darkness

Your adventure in Dawncaster revolves around uncovering the mystery of the missing 'Dawncaster,' a legendary hero lost in the corrupted realm of Umbris. Armed with your deck-building skills, you'll face monstrous creatures, explore the depths of this desperate world, and influence its future through your choices. The game features handcrafted illustrations and engaging dialogues that immerse you in the story.

Access to All Cards & Content

Dawncaster adopts a player-friendly approach by offering the complete card game experience with your initial purchase. Buying packs, tokens, or dealing with timers or ads is unnecessary. Future content, including expansions, is available at a single, transparent price, ensuring you can access all cards, classes, and content without hidden costs.

Roguelite Gameplay

For fans of roguelike experiences, Dawncaster provides randomized encounters, diverse classes, and choices to explore, resulting in playtimes that can easily extend into tens of hours. Additional difficulty options cater to those seeking to test their strategic insight and luck.

Join Our Community

As a small indie development studio, the creators of Dawncaster value player feedback and engagement. They invite you to join their Discord server to share your thoughts, provide feedback, and support the game's development. It's an opportunity to be part of the evolving Dawncaster community and influence the game's future.


This game offers a captivating and strategic card experience in a rich, dark fantasy world. Its blend of deck-building mechanics and RPG elements provides a fresh take on the engaging and challenging genre. Whether you're a seasoned card game player or new to the genre, Dawncaster has something to offer. So, dive into Umbris, build your deck, and embark on an epic journey filled with tactical battles and intriguing choices. The fate of this corrupted land is in your hands.


Q: How do I obtain new cards in it?
A: You can obtain new cards in Dawncaster through various means, including defeating enemies, completing quests, and exploring the game world. Keep an eye out for opportunities to expand your card collection.

Q: Can I create my character class in it?
A: One of the unique features of Dawncaster is the ability to create your character class, allowing you to play as the character you envision. This adds a personalized touch to your gameplay experience.

Q: Does it offer multiplayer features?
A: This game focuses on a single-player experience. However, you can join the game's community on Discord to connect with other players, share your experiences, and stay updated on the latest developments.

Q: What sets this game apart from other deck-building card games?
A: This game distinguishes itself by blending traditional deck-building mechanics with RPG elements, including class mechanics, weapons, enchantments, and an energy system. This unique combination offers a fresh and engaging gameplay experience.

Dawncaster - Deckbuilding RPG v1.12.06

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