Coffee Craze - Barista Tycoon 1.018.008Free Download

Free Download Coffee Craze - Barista Tycoon MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. You Run the best coffee shops in the world by serving your customers delicious drinks! Sell more coffee, make more money, and expand into a coffee empire.

Coffee Craze - Barista Tycoon Game Overview

This game is a captivating coffee shop management game that lets you step into the shoes of a coffee entrepreneur. You aim to run the best coffee shops globally, enticing customers with your delicious coffee creations. As you progress, you'll unlock new equipment, decorate your shops, and watch your clientele grow. Be the boss you've always wanted to be and serve your way to success!

Coffee Shop Management

Take charge of your coffee shops, serving delightful drinks to eager customers. Your success depends on your ability to manage and grow your coffee empire.

Idle Income

Even when you're offline, your coffee stations continue to produce, ensuring you earn money even when you're not actively playing the game.

Equipment Upgrades

Invest your hard-earned cash in upgrading your coffee-making equipment to boost your income. The better your equipment, the more satisfied your customers will be.

Multiple Coffee Stations

Manage up to 30 different coffee stations in each shop, allowing you to produce various hot caffeinated beverages.

Offline Play

No need for an internet connection to enjoy the game. You can play offline and continue to build your coffee empire.


Customize your coffee shops to your heart's content. As you unlock new equipment and decorations, you can make your shops uniquely yours.


Become the captain of your coffee tycoon by automating your shop with managers. Your baristas will generate idle cash automatically, allowing you to focus on expanding your business.


This game is the ultimate coffee shop management game that caters to your entrepreneurial spirit. Build and customize your coffee shops, serve delicious drinks, and watch your business thrive. With the ability to earn offline income, this game offers a unique and engaging experience for coffee enthusiasts and tycoon gamers. So, if you've ever dreamed of running your coffee empire, download the game and start brewing success, one cup at a time!


Q: Can I continue earning income from my coffee stations when not playing the game?
A: This game features idle income, which means your coffee stations will continue to produce money even when you're offline from the game.

Q: How can I improve my income in the game?
A: You can boost your income by investing in equipment upgrades. As you level up your equipment, your coffee shop's efficiency and customer satisfaction will increase, leading to higher earnings.

Q: Are there multiple coffee stations available in the game?
A: You can manage up to 30 coffee stations in each shop. This allows you to offer your customers a wide range of coffee options.

Q: Can I play it without an internet connection?
A: The game supports offline play, so you can enjoy building your coffee empire without an internet connection.

Coffee Craze - Barista Tycoon v1.018.008

  • 2023-09-13
  • 64.1 MB
  • 1.018.008

MOD APK (Unlimited Drinks)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.0+
  • Platform:Android