Catch Tiles: Piano Game 2.1.13Free Download

Free Download Catch Tiles: Piano Game MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It brings players into a fascinating music world with famous songs. Play while listening to music and feel excited when competing with friends.

Catch Tiles: Piano Game Free Download Overview

This captivating music game is designed to test and challenge your hand speed and coordination. With many hit songs and a simple yet engaging gameplay mechanic, it's the perfect choice for music lovers and gamers.

A Diverse Selection of Songs

Whether you're into EDM, classic tunes, anime soundtracks, KPOP hits, English pop, or vocal performances, this game has you covered. It offers an extensive library of songs that cater to various musical tastes.

Play Your Favorites

This game lets you play your preferred piano songs. You can even upload your beloved songs from your phone's library, ensuring you can enjoy your musical choices within the game.

Online Battles

Challenge your friends or players from around the world in thrilling online battles. Test your skills and rhythm against others and reap the rewards of victory.

Unique Tile Styles

Customize your piano tile experience by choosing from various adorable tile styles. Make your gameplay visually appealing and tailored to your preferences.

Daily Rewards and Lucky Wheel

Engage with the game daily to earn rewards, and spin the lucky wheel for a chance to receive exciting prizes. This feature keeps your experience fresh and rewarding.

Score Comparison

Compare your scores with your friends and top players worldwide. See how you stack up against the best in the musical gaming community.

Easy to Play, Challenging to Master

The game's mechanics are simple enough for anyone to pick up and play, yet mastering the art of catching the tiles and achieving three stars or three crowns on magic songs can be challenging.


Catch Tiles - Piano Game mod apk offers a delightful blend of music and gameplay to entertain you for hours. Whether tapping to the rhythm of your favorite songs or challenging players worldwide, the game provides an immersive musical experience. So, download it today and test your hand speed and coordination skills.


Q: How do I play this game?
A: Playing the game is simple. Tap the black tiles to the rhythm of the music while avoiding the white tiles. Try to complete songs with three stars or crowns to earn more rewards.

Q: Can I play my music in the game?
A: You can upload your favorite songs from your phone's library and play them in the game.

Q: How can I battle online with other players?
A: To battle online, you can challenge your friends or play against players worldwide. Choose the online battle mode and showcase your skills.

Q: What are the daily rewards and the lucky wheel?
A: Daily rewards are bonuses for logging in and playing the game daily. The lucky wheel allows you to spin for a chance to win exciting prizes.

Q: Can I save my progress in the game?
A: You can save your progress by connecting your Facebook account. This lets you continue your game on different devices without losing your achievements and progress.

Catch Tiles - Piano Game v2.1.13

  • 2024-07-07
  • 128 MB
  • 2.1.13

MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Catch Tiles - Piano Game v2.1.12

  • 2024-06-23
  • 140 MB
  • 2.1.12

MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Catch Tiles - Piano Game v2.1.11

  • 2024-06-11
  • 125 MB
  • 2.1.11

MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.0+
  • Platform:Android

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