Car Company Tycoon 1.6.0

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Car Company Tycoon Game Overview

It's a one-of-a-kind economic simulator that allows you to step into the shoes of an automotive industry magnate. Your journey begins in 1970, a pivotal time in the automotive world, where you'll test your design skills and strategic thinking. In this game, you have the power to shape the future of the automotive industry. You can use the available customization tools to design your dream car, from the engine to the body, and then introduce it to the world. Success in this game depends on your ability to create innovative vehicles that cater to the needs of customers and the global community of motorists.

Engine Customization

Whether you prefer a robust V12 engine or an efficient in-line 4-cylinder engine, you can create the perfect powerplant for your car. The game offers various engine layouts and various turbocharging systems to experiment with. Detailed engine settings allow you to fine-tune performance.

Design Your Dream Car

This game lets you bring your automotive dreams to life. The game offers various types of bodies, each with its own settings, allowing you to craft the ideal vehicle.

Campaign Mode

The campaign mode takes you on a journey from 1970, challenging you to navigate the automotive industry's complexities. Revolutionize the world of cars, receive reviews from renowned auto critics, and explore the latest technologies to transform your startup into an industry giant.

Hard Decisions

As a car tycoon, you'll face tough decisions on your path to success. You may need to upgrade your factory, form partnerships with reputable firms, or conduct recall campaigns if issues arise with your vehicles. Your responses to interviews will shape your reputation and your company's image.

Global Market Leadership

Your ultimate goal is to become a leader in the global automotive market. You must create unique and innovative products that garner worldwide fans to achieve this.

Car Customization

It is intuitive gameplay that lets you focus on the most exciting aspects. You'll start with designing and customizing your cars, selecting engines, body types, and other components. Then, you'll launch your vehicles into the market, where critics and customers will evaluate them. As you progress through the campaign mode, you'll face challenges and opportunities that require strategic thinking. 


Car Company Tycoon is a game that caters to your inner car enthusiast and entrepreneurial spirit. With its unique blend of economic simulation and automotive design, it offers a gaming experience like no other on the Android platform. Dive into the world of car manufacturing, create iconic vehicles, and strive to lead the global market.


Q: Can I customize both my car's engine and body?
A: It allows you to customize various aspects of your cars, including the engine type and body design. You have the freedom to create unique and personalized vehicles.

Q: Is the game set in a specific era of the automotive industry?
A: The game begins in 1970 and progresses through various years, allowing you to experience the automotive industry's evolution.

Q: Can I play it offline?
A: You can play the game offline, making it accessible even without an internet connection.

Q: How do I manage my company's reputation in the game?
A: Your company's reputation is influenced by your decisions and actions, such as addressing vehicle issues promptly and conducting interviews. Managing your reputation is crucial for success in the game.

Car Company Tycoon v1.6.0

  • 2024-03-25
  • 37.5 MB
  • 1.6.0

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Car Company Tycoon v1.5.6

  • 2024-02-04
  • 36.6 MB
  • 1.5.6

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Car Company Tycoon v1.5.4

  • 2023-12-31
  • 47.3 MB
  • 1.5.4

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System Requirements

  • OS:Android 7.0+
  • Platform:Android