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Free Download BOKU BOKU MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It will allow you to use unique wooden blocks to create your world. The game will be played, and continuation stories will happen that are very interesting and unique.

BOKU BOKU Game Overview

BOKU BOKU emerges as a captivating blocks-building game that invites players to craft their universe. With a seemingly endless array of possibilities, BOKU BOKU unleashes your creativity, allowing you to construct a world that reflects your unique vision and personality.

Create Freely: Build Your Dream World

With BOKU BOKU, the power to create is at your fingertips. Embrace the freedom to build structures that define your desires, be it a cozy home, a bustling school, a charming restaurant, or any other architectural marvel you can envision. The game's intuitive mechanics empower you to bring your ideas to life, block by block, as you shape a world solely yours.

Show Personality: Express Yourself

One of the most delightful features is the ability to infuse your creation with your personality. Beyond the architectural wonders you erect, you can also personalize your in-game character. Mix and match outfits to dress in a style that resonates with you. Every aspect of your appearance and behavior becomes a canvas through which you can express your individuality.

Interactive Adventures: Engage and Play

BOKU BOKU goes beyond mere construction by offering a range of interactive experiences that make your world come alive. Discover the thrill of everyday activities as your blocks respond to your commands. Have you ever imagined blocks that simulate going to the toilet, playing with toys, or even tickling the ivories on a piano? In BOKU BOKU, these whimsical interactions become part of your immersive journey.

Unveil the Imagination: Bursting with Possibilities

The world of BOKU BOKU is a playground of boundless imagination. The game's perplexing yet exciting nature ensures that each moment is filled with the thrill of discovery. The burstiness of gameplay keeps you engaged as you uncover new ways to interact with your creations and the environment around you. The game's dynamic essence ensures that every session is as fresh and exciting as the first.

Crafting Dreams: A Playground of Creation

Picture yourself in a world where the only limit is the scope of your imagination. BOKU BOKU transforms your Android device into a canvas of infinite potential. Whether you're an aspiring architect, a fashion enthusiast, or simply someone seeking an escape into a vibrant world of play, BOKU BOKU offers an experience that caters to all.


BOKU BOKU is more than a game; it's an avenue for self-expression, creativity, and joy. As you navigate its interactive landscapes and bring your ideas to fruition, you'll immerse yourself in a realm where blocks are the building blocks of structures and memories. Whether constructing a towering skyscraper or engaging in playful interactions, BOKU BOKU lets you explore your imagination and make your mark on a digital universe that genuinely belongs to you.


Q: Can I play it on multiple devices?
A: It supports gameplay across various Android devices.

Q: Can I interact with other players in the world?
A: It focuses on single-player experiences, allowing you to craft and explore independently.

Q: How often does it receive updates?
A: The game's developers frequently release updates to introduce new features, interactions, and enhancements.

Q: Is it suitable for all age groups?
A: It is designed to be enjoyed by players of various age groups, offering a family-friendly environment.

Q: Can I share my creations with others?
A: It doesn't feature direct sharing options. You can capture screenshots or record videos to showcase your imaginative creations to friends and fellow players.

BOKU BOKU v1.0.263

  • 2024-04-28
  • 119 MB
  • 1.0.263

MOD APK (Unlimited Candies)

BOKU BOKU v1.0.262

  • 2024-04-15
  • 119 MB
  • 1.0.262

MOD APK (Unlimited Candies)

BOKU BOKU v1.0.260

  • 2024-03-10
  • 88.6 MB
  • 1.0.260

MOD APK (Unlimited Candies)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android