Basketball Battle 2.4.13Free Download

Free Download Basketball Battle MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is the ultimate one-on-one streetball game, featuring easy controls, fiery gameplay, and customization options. Compete globally, unlock tournaments, and take on friends with dunks and blocks. 

Basketball Battle Free Download Overview

This exciting mobile sports game takes your basketball skills to the next level, offering a dynamic and accessible gaming experience for players of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned basketball pro or a beginner, It will have you blocking shots and dunking on your friends in no time.

Masterful Controls for Ultimate Gameplay

It places you in the driver's seat on the basketball court with its powerful yet intuitive controls. Use clever footwork and crafty pump fakes to maneuver to the hoop and score those crucial buckets. Outmaneuver your opponents with precision to earn generous rewards. If you score three consecutive buckets, you'll catch on fire and take your game to a new level.

Compete Globally with Daily Events

In addition to the primary game mode, It offers daily events that let you test your skills against players worldwide on online leaderboards. Show off your prowess on the court to unlock professional basketball tournaments with substantial rewards. You can also build and customize your team to match your unique style and strategy, ensuring a truly personalized gaming experience.

Over 100 Tournaments to Conquer

With over 100 tournaments at your disposal, each featuring unique courts and challenges, It offers endless opportunities to showcase your skills and climb the ranks. So why wait any longer? It's time to dominate the top sports game and leave your mark on the virtual court.

1-on-1 Streetball with Easy Controls

Experience the thrill of one-on-one streetball with controls that are easy to grasp for all players.

Block Shots and Dunk on Your Friends

Showcase your skills by blocking shots and delivering epic dunks on your friends and opponents.

Break Angles and Get Buckets

Use your basketball IQ to break your opponent's angles and score those all-important buckets.

Catch on Fire with 3 Consecutive Buckets

Achieve greatness by scoring three consecutive buckets and entering a fiery state that elevates your game.

Daily Events with Online Leaderboards

Test your skills against players worldwide in daily events and climb the online leaderboards.

Unlock Tournaments with Huge Rewards

Prove your mettle on the court to unlock professional basketball tournaments offering substantial rewards.

Build and Customize Your Team

Tailor your team to your unique style and strategy by building and customizing it according to your preferences.

Over 100 Tournaments with Unique Courts

Enjoy a variety of tournaments, each with unique courts and challenges, providing endless entertainment.


Basketball Battle mod apk is the ultimate mobile sports game that caters to seasoned basketball pros and newcomers. Its easy-to-learn controls and dynamic gameplay offer an immersive experience for players of all levels. The game's one-on-one streetball matches, online leaderboards, and numerous tournaments ensure there's never a dull moment on the virtual court. So, what are you waiting for? Step onto the court, showcase your skills, and take your basketball game to the next level.


Q: Is an internet connection required to play it?
A: While an internet connection is not required to play the main game, you'll need it to participate in daily events and compete on online leaderboards.

Q: Can I customize my player's appearance in it?
A: It customizes your player's appearance in it. However, you can build and customize your team to suit your playing style.

Q: Are there any multiplayer features in it?
A: It primarily focuses on one-on-one streetball matches. While it doesn't have traditional multiplayer modes, you can compete against players globally through daily events and tournaments.

Basketball Battle v2.4.13

  • 2024-05-26
  • 59.5 MB
  • 2.4.13

MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Basketball Battle v2.4.11

  • 2024-05-20
  • 60.1 MB
  • 2.4.11

MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Basketball Battle v2.4.9

  • 2024-05-13
  • 59.7 MB
  • 2.4.9

MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

System Requirements

  • OS:Android 5.1+
  • Platform:Android

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