Twelve Minutes

Get ready to immerse yourself in a mind-bending, interactive thriller with "Twelve Minutes." Explore the unexpected twists and turns of a man stuck in a time loop, and unravel the secrets that lie beneath his seemingly idyllic existence. The game is available for free download and can be installed on supported Windows versions and hardware mentioned below.

Twelve Minutes Overview

Twelve Minutes is a highly anticipated PC game developed by Annapurna Interactive and released on August 19, 2021. It is a time-loop thriller game that puts players in the shoes of a man stuck in a time loop, reliving the same twelve minutes repeatedly. The game is set in a small apartment, and players must use their wits to explore and interact with various objects to solve puzzles and progress through the story.


History of the Game Development

Twelve Minutes was developed by Luis Antonio, a former Ubisoft employee, over six years. It was first announced at E3 2015 and received critical acclaim for its unique time-loop concept and captivating storyline. Annapurna Interactive, a renowned game publisher, picked up the game and helped bring it to the masses.

Game Genre and Gameplay

It is a point-and-click adventure game that puts players in the role of a man stuck in a time loop. Players must explore the small apartment and interact with objects and characters to solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of the storyline. It is known for its challenging puzzles and multiple endings, giving players the freedom to make their own choices and experience the game in their own unique way.

Key Features and Mechanics

Twelve Minutes is an immersive experience that combines captivating storytelling with challenging gameplay mechanics. Some of the key features include:

  • Multiple endings based on player choices.
  • Time-loop mechanic that resets the game every twelve minutes.
  • Intricate puzzles that require critical thinking and exploration.
  • Unique storyline with unexpected plot twists and turns.


The game begins with the player character coming home to his apartment and being greeted by his wife. Shortly after, a police officer breaks in and accuses the wife of murder, leading to a violent confrontation that ends with the player character being knocked out. It then resets to the beginning, with the player character reliving the same twelve minutes over and over again. It is up to the player to explore the apartment, interact with objects and characters, and uncover the truth behind the game's mysterious storyline.

Characters and Their Roles

The game has only three characters: the player character, his wife, and the police officer. Each character has their own unique personality and backstory, and their actions and dialogue change based on the player's choices and interactions.

Key Plot Points and Twists

Without giving too much away, Twelve Minutes free download is known for its unexpected plot twists and turns. The storyline is full of secrets and hidden agendas, and players must uncover the truth behind each character's motivations in order to progress.

Twelve Minutes Gameplay

Controls and Interface

It is played entirely with the mouse, with players clicking on objects and characters to interact with them. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, with players able to access their inventory and conversation options with a simple click.

Exploration and Interaction with Objects

Exploration is a key aspect of Twelve Minutes PC download, with players able to interact with almost every object in the apartment. From opening drawers to examining pictures on the wall, every object has the potential to hold a clue or unlock a puzzle.

Solving Puzzles and Making Decisions

Puzzles in 12 Minutes free download are challenging and require critical thinking and exploration. Players must pay close attention to their surroundings and use their inventory items in creative ways to progress. It also has multiple endings, each determined by the player's decisions and actions throughout the game.

Graphics and Sound

Visuals and Art Style

It has a unique art style reminiscent of classic point-and-click adventure games. The apartment is rendered in 3D, but the characters and objects are presented in a flat, 2D style. The game's minimalist design helps create a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere, as players are confined to the small apartment and forced to confront their situation.

Sound Effects and Music

The game's sound design is equally impressive, with a haunting score that perfectly captures a tense atmosphere. The sound effects are also well done, with every object and action producing a distinct sound that helps immerse players in the game's world.

12 Minutes Reception

Critical Response

Twelve Minutes free download for PC has received mostly positive reviews from critics, with many praising the unique concept and challenging puzzles. However, some reviewers have criticized the game's repetitive gameplay and lack of replayability.

Player Feedback and Reviews

Player feedback has been mostly positive, with many players praising the gripping storyline and immersive gameplay. However, some players have criticized the difficult puzzles and confusing storyline.

Final Words

Twelve Minutes is a unique and thrilling game that offers a challenging and immersive experience. The game's time-loop mechanic and intricate puzzles make for an engaging gameplay experience, while the minimalist art style and haunting score help create a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere. However, the game's repetitive gameplay and confusing storyline may turn off some players.

It is a must-play game for fans of point-and-click adventure games and thrilling storylines. While it may not be for everyone, its unique concept and challenging puzzles make for a memorable and immersive experience.

Twelve Minutes

  • 2021-08-18
  • 923 MB
  • 1.0


System Requirements

  • OS:Windows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
  • Processors:Intel Core i5-2300AMD Phenom II X4 965
  • Graphics:AMD Radeon HD 5770
  • Platform:Windows
  • Memory:2 GB